I've been to past threads, I've done what they say, and nothing works -- I can receive e-mail, but cannot send even though the settings are exactly the same as on my PC, where Outlook Express can both send and receive.

My e-mail is maitland@missflickchick.com

I've been to Entourage Tools > Accounts > missflickchick (POP)
> Edit account > Click here for advanced sending options and, as a forum post send, checked the circles for "SMTP server requires authentication" and "Use same settings as receiving mail server."

Without those circles checked, mail just stays in my outbox. With those circles checked, I get timeout error 3259.

My ISP (RCN) says the problem isn't on their end. The POP receiving server and SMTP sending server are both mail.missflickchick.com, which is what RCN says to use. What is happening??? Why can't I send e-mail??? None of my friends with Macs can help -- they say the settings are correct. Please please please can somebody help me?