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    Cool Safari Bookmarks folder: "Open in Tabs"???
    In the Safari Bookmarks Bar, I'll typically have several folders of bookmarks under each tab on the Bar. For example, a "Favorite Blogs" folder contains seven blogs. At the bottom of each folder is "Open in Tabs." When clicking this command, it opens 7 blank tabs, which seems like a fairly useless function. Am I missing something here?

    In Windows, I use a tabbed browser called Slim Browser. It has a Group function, which allows me to open those same seven web pages, in separate tabs, with one click.

    Safari doesn't seem to have a similar function. Or does it?

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    Not sure what is going on, but if I select open in tabs. Then I would get the tabs with one site in each of the tab windows.

    Since I am not near my system at this time, I can not check my configuration.
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    I answered my own question. The folder in question was full of bookmarks brought in from IE on my PC, using the "drag them one at a time method". They work fine when clicked individually, but won't Auto Tab. Bookmarks set in Safari Auto Tab just fine.

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