Recently my safari started randomly shutting down when I would be watching a youtube video. I think it happened soon after I did one of the routine updates, I can't remember what exactly I upgraded. (I have safari 4.0.3 and am using leopard osx 10.5.8). It only happened randomly so I did not give it too much thought. It soon got to be so that every time I watched a video, not only from youtube, safari would close. I checked online and some similar post said to reinstall the most recent plug-in. I did and now instead of closing, safari just crashes and I get that spinning beachball. I then have no choice but to do a force quit. I did some further research and figured out how to test which plug in was the problem through a an apple help page;

Mac OS X 10.5: What you can do if Safari quits unexpectedly

I followed their directions, which was to move and then replace the plug ins into their folder to check which one caused the problem, I ended up having to remove nine plug ins. They were video browser plug ins like DivX, and Flip4Mac as well as shockwave and flash player. A JavaPluginCocoa bundle was also part of the problem. The other files I did not recognize.

After that safari did not crash, but I could not view videos. I tried re downloading them then reinstalling them but safari still crashes. I know there are a million other similar post, trust me I've seen them, but none of them help. I tried switching users to check if the other user account had the same problem, as one of the posts suggested, but my other user has the same problem. Some posts have people displaying the error report but people don't seem to know what to do with it so I won't try. Some also suggest to reinstall the osx but I have misplaced the disk so I can't do that although this is recent so I don't know how that could change things. I also can't rewind to before whatever I updated screwed up safari.

Many of the other posts also have people suggesting to change browser but I have tried that, with several browsers like firefox, opera, and Camino. Same problem. Does anyone have any new suggestions?

I really need to view videos for online podcast for my college classes. I hope this post doesn't get ignored like some others I have seen.
Thanks for any help.