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    Strange Safari slowdown
    I have an odd, but not too serious, issue with Safari - 1.2.4 (v125.12). Often, once it gets to a web site it appears to download it rather quickly and appears to finish. Then a few seconds later (maybe 4 or 5), the old beachball starts spinning, does this for maybe 5 to 10 seconds (during which Safari is locked up), and then stops and all is right with the Safari world. I haven't noticed any particular pattern having to do with certain web sites, whether I have tabs open, or anything else I can pin it to.

    I'm on a broadband (cable) connection so downloads are quite fast. My computer, however, isn't. Pismo PowerBook, 400 MHz, 320 MB ram. Running latest version of X (10.3.8). I know it would seem I may be overwhelming my old PowerBook, but it's the fact that Safari seems to FINISH loading the page first, and THEN suddenly seems to get "preoccupied" for a few seconds. Any ideas??


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    try resetting safari. Menu Bar -> Safari -> Reset Safari. This empties cache and clears history. Might work... i don't know. If that dosent work, try deleting safari, and then downlaoding it again from the downloads section of . If that doesnt work, then you might want to try another browser...

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    There's also the 'usual' suspects... you could first try repairing permissions and then more specifically try deleting the .plist. I think deleting the .plist from safari will do away with most of your user settings, so I would try that as one of your last resourts (just short of reinstalling the entire program.)


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    Thanks. I was about to reset Safari until finding out, via the warning box, that besides clearing the cache, history, cookies, etc. it will also clear usernames, passwords, and other auto-fill text. So I didn't go there - especially since the problem is more a nuisance than anything else. I'll try removing the .plist (although I won't completely get rid of it - just in case).

    Thanks again

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    it doesnt matter if you get rid of it though, it will re create itself, just keep it if you want your settings back to how u had it b4 u deleted the .plst

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