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    Macbook Pro and Photoshop

    I am about to purchase a new Macbook and if money were no object, I would be getting the Macbook Pro 17" with 3Ghz processor.

    Money is a bit tight and so I will have to compromise.

    I will be using the Macbook for standard work related programs, but as a keen amateur photographer, I will also be getting Photoshop CS4 which is obviously graphic intensive.

    The 15" Macbook Pro with upgraded graphics card is the obvious choice but is too expensive.

    I am looking at getting a 13" Macbook Pro, with 4gb Ram and 500gb harddrive. I am also getting a 22" Samsung monitor to use when editing photos.

    I was about to purchase the Macbook Pro when I read a thread about CS4 crashing with the standard graphics card.

    My Pro will come with Snow Leopard so Im not sure whether the upgraded OS has solved any of the CS4 problems.

    Can I use a 13" Macbook Pro with CS4, or will it be slow and crash a lot?

    I know the 15" is the better options, but also about 500 more expensive.

    Any help will be greatly appreciated!!!

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    Unless it is a programming problem cs4 should easily run on the 13 inch macbook pro. I know the version is different but I have pc version cs4 on a 1.83 ghz dell core duo with 4 gb of ram. It runs just fine.

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