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    E-mailing from iPhoto
    I find the e-mail feature from inside iPhoto very handy. However, is there any way to designate a mail application OTHER than the ones available in the drop-down menu i.e. Mail, America Online, Eudora, and Entourage? In this case I would like to try Thunderbird. (Still using iPhoto 4.0.3)


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    iphoto mails using your default app, so if mail is selected as your default mail app in mail preferences, it'll use mail, or whatever is selected.

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    Thanks, but I tried that. I selected Thunderbird as my default mail application (from within Mail - the only way to do it I believe). Opened up iPhoto and selected the mail option. It fired up Mail anyway. Also, Thunderbird still did not show up as a choice on the mail options drop-down.

    So I put Mail in the trash to take that option away from iPhoto. I then selected the mail option in iPhoto and it asked me to select the application to use. I selected Thunderbird but iPhoto would not launch it. I received the following error message:

    "thunderbird-bin got an error: Can't make a <<class bcke>>.

    So I went back to iPhoto and tried again. When asked to select an application to mail with I selected GyazMail. This time iPhoto actually launched Gyazmail but thta's all it did. It did not initiate starting a new e-mail. Instead I received the following error message:


    So it seems iPhoto (Apple actually) insists on only the limited options I listed previously (Mail, America Online, Eudora, and Entourage). Not very flexible, in my opinion. And a bit Microsoft-esque.

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    it not that simple, iPhoto has to contain the "new mail" initialization code for each e-mail program.
    I have never heard of thunderbird before, is it popular enough to be worth it for apple?

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    Quote Originally Posted by MAC-simus
    I have never heard of thunderbird before, is it popular enough to be worth it for apple?
    Probably not - at least at this time. Thunderbird is the Mozilla-based stand alone e-mail and news reader. Kind of the companion to Firefox ( I just noticed an minor upgrade available to download - not that it will make a difference as from what you say, the solution would have to be on iPhoto's end. And not to get "off-thread" but I find Thunderbird to be much faster than Mail at this point - at least twice as fast starting up and retrieving mail. But I still go back and forth at times.

    Thanks for the information.

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