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    Screen shot questions
    So far searching the forums has taught me that OS X allows one to take a screen shot and save it as a .pdf file. However, is there a quick and easy way to save it in another file format, say as a .jpg file? Also, can you choose to have it saved to a specific folder, or does it only get saved to the desktop?

    I've used a Windows program called "SnagIt" that does all these things wonderfully, but I don't want to have to get Virtual PC to use it - once I go Mac, I don't WANT to go back!!

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    This is for jpeg conversion. As for saving...
    I when you do the key stroke way of taking pictures I believe it will just save to the desktop (or wherever you've designated it to save). There's a utility program on macs, that I use all the time, that is called Grab. When you save with that, you can choose where it will go.

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    no clue how to change it not to save to the desktop. but when u take the picture and open in preview, go to file>export. and just select Jpeg as a format,

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    Quote Originally Posted by shaun89
    but when u take the picture and open in preview, go to file>export. and just select Jpeg as a format,
    oh...yeah...that too. I always forget that one. Why? Thanks for having my back, shaun.

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    If you want even more options than grab gives you, you could try Snapz Pro from Ambrosia. It allows you to choose what format your screen capture is saved as, and also lets you take movies of your screen.
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