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Thread: How do I get iTunes to show track number?

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    Question How do I get iTunes to show track number?
    Stupid question here, and apologies:

    How do I get iTunes to show the track number for songs in the library, and on my iPod? Lots of songs are sorted alphabetically, and I want them to be sorted by track number. To do this, I'd think I would just show the track number, and click on that column heading, and it would reorder things for me by track number. But I can't figure out how to show the track number!

    Thanks a lot!

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    Here we go:
    When in iTunes go to the "Edit" menu.
    From there go to the bottom button, called "veiw options." (Command-J)
    In there check "track number."
    That can work for any type of playlist too.
    On the ipod, itself I don't know, but it'll work when the ipod's in itunes.

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