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Thread: Can't send outgoing mail

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    Jul 28, 2009
    Can't send outgoing mail
    I have a G4 iMac with Mac OS 10.2.8 (yes, I know it's old). I set up an email account on this computer, but when I try to send an outgoing message, the Mac mail client puts it in the outbox. The error message says that the outgoing mail server requires authentication. My ISP says it requires authentication, but when I put in the username and password, it still won't send out the message. The error message is that the "outgoing mail server:"email address" requires authentication. (Note that the error message that appears after I try putting in a password add that part after the colon, but the outgoing server that is in the mail preferences remains "".)

    The Mac mail client on this Mac worked fine with a different ISP.
    I tried setting up a new user account on this computer so I wouldn't have any interference from previous email providers, and I still am unable to send out email.
    All the mail prefeences are entered correctly.
    The incoming mail server works correctly as it downloads messages to my inbox.
    The ISP's webmail works fine.
    This same email account worked fine on my daughter's intel Macbook (running Tiger).

    Any idea why it is having this problem? Three different techs at my ISP can't figure it out. Thanks.

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    i'm having the same problem, please let me know if you figured it out. thanks!

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