I often play a game, (Ikaraim) and I wanted to make an automation/workflow thing to help me in it on 10.4. I'm still pretty new to making automations, but I know the... basics. Basically, I want the automation to do a few things:

1. Open a FIREFOX window (Ftw) with 3 tabs, all at ikariam.org.

2. Log into my 3 different accounts on different worlds.

3. Check the amount of wine in all of my non-wine producing towns.

4. Rounded to the nearest 500, ship enough wine to have 10000 wine in each non-wine producing town.

Notes: I have 2 wine-producing towns, and 4 towns that need wine. I'd like to ship to 2 other towns from each wine-producing town. Also, I realize that it will be difficult to produce an automation on your part when I won't let you into my accounts, etc - Tell me what to do to make it work/build it, and I'll do it.

Questions? Just ask. I'll answer the best that I can.