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    Two things about iCHAT
    As a recently introduced mac user, i have begun using iCHAT. I enjoy it as a chatting program, but ive had a few issues...maybe those more experience could help me.

    1)how do i make a profile, like in AIM, i for some reason cant find the option....

    2)I read an article about how iCHAT in their license agreement mention that they now can record your convos and use them at their will??? Has anyone else heard this??

    3) Why does my regular version of AIM i download for mac keep crashing on my powerbook....

    yeah i know a lot of stupid questions, hopefully ill get some more intelligent answers from you all

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    1) I don't think you can, from ichat that is. This was asked in another thread, and it's pretty much up in the air. I've gotten my profile to carry over for a day or so, when I signed on to aim and checked it on ichat...but it soon went away a day or so after i quit aim.

    2) Read the same thing about AIM, I think it's kinda bull. Not like you're going to send the great american novel over ichat or aim (hhahaha, i like that one).

    3) I don't think it should. I have it on my ibook and it doesn't. I'd be curious if any other powerbook peeps have this problem

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    2. AOL revoked that new license agreement because of the unholy amount of hate mail and complaints they got.

    3. AOL knows that iChat is the dominant AOL IM application for OS X so they don't care what kind of crapola they release for OS X. Stick with iChat.

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    Desolate One
    As been said 1) You can't. But who cares. Unless of course you're cruising AOL for "asterisk asterisk asterisk" If ya know wot I mean.

    2) Don't send nuclear schematics over AIM to your mates in the middle east. It's just not a good idea.

    3) Meltbanana always says it best. Refer to the above.


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    Tuned MP5T
    I downloaded AIM this past weekend and 30 minutes later removed it. AIM sucks stick with iChat.

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    They only thing I don't like about iChat is that it doesn't tell you what transfer rate you have when you are sending/receiving files. AIM does seem a bit buggy. It's the only app that I know that will unexpectedly quit on my iBook.

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    AIM is buggy. It will randomly quit on my Powerbook. The PC version has a bug too. Whenever I turn the program off, I get the "there has been an error" message that asks me if I want to report the error to Microsoft.

    I like iChat, but I've been having problems with the audio and video chat with AIM users. (see my other post on the subject, which is....somewhere)

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    For you to use iChat audo/video capabilities you need a DSL/Cable connection..if your connected using dial-up it won't work..and if you are..then I don't know lol

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    1.67 Ghz 17" PB w/1 GB Ram; 400 MHz PM G4, 366Mhz iBook Firewire, Nano 4GB Black
    I'm on DSL

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    in the new iChat AV you can have profiles

    Buddies -> Change My Profile
    Don't forget to use the new User Reputation System

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