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    Unhappy Time Machine Backup
    Hey everybody! I'm new here so I'd just like to say hi and I have a question for you all too.

    I'm getting ready to reinstall OSX and I have a back up of my computer made by time machine. Now I'm just wondering, if I do a complete restore of my time machine backup, am I going to get a bunch of junk files?

    For example, sometimes I'll download an application that sounds helpful but then I'll find that I don't really need it. So when I delete the application there are preference files and help files left behind....

    Does anyone know how to keep these files from being restored, but restore the preference files of the programs I do want restored?

    Basically I want to get rid of all my junk files and clean out my computer some... I don't know a lot about caches and plug ins and stuff, but I only want the files that are appropriate.

    Any suggestions are welcome!

    Thanks so much,

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    Is there some compelling reason other than "cleaning out files" that makes you want to reinstall OS X? If not, I strongly suggest that you leave well enough alone and use Spotlight to locate those files you wish to remove.

    Too many folks from the Windows world (don't know if that includes you) have the "reinstall mindset". OS X almost never has to be reinstalled.


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    And it seems that you should decide your back up policy. Do u just want a record of important stuff or do you want to be able to boot thru another computer if you gear is broken/burnt/nicked.

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    I like testing out software too. I use AppDelete to help clean out the extra files when deleting apps. I use to do it manually but for $5, this was is much easier. It shows you what it's deleting before doing so.

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    Hey guys, thanks for the help.

    @chscag Don't those old files slow your computer down though? Just like any PC?

    @Collin Bl Yeah, I want a full copy... I mean, i don't necessarily need to boot from it, but all the application files and settings would be nice.

    @MacMe Thanks, I'll look into it. =]

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