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    Change Icons on Mac OS X?
    On Windows XP it is really easy to change an Icon of an Application... how do I do it on Mac OS X..if it is possible? I hope it is!

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    Desolate One
    I'd rather not confuse you with a long-winded post so check this out:

    Explains it pretty well there.

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    that's cool, but I use (IMO) an even easier method, a contextual menu plugin
    called FinderIconCM
    for those that don't know, a contextual menu is what you get when you control click or right click. using this, you can copy/paste icons, and create or edit icons as well.

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    Copy paste the pic in preview or whatever then copy and paste it (command C), select the app or folder and file: get info (command I) then click on the pic for the app/folder you see and paste (command V)

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    Here's a thread on that subject...
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