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    Angry Acrobat 9 and Safari 4 problem
    Hi all,
    I am using safari 4.0.3 and Acrobat Pro 9 10.4.3 in 10.6 10A432. When I click a pdf file in safari, it opened with it default pdf viewer. However, I want to use acrobat to view pdf (in safari).

    I think the reason is I am using 10.6.
    Here are the solutions I've tried,

    1 Acrobat->Preference-> Internet->Display PDF in browser using-> Adobe Acrobat Pro 9.1.3
    2 Acrobat->Help->Repair Acrobat Installation->adobe PDFViewer Safari Plugin->Continue then it says successfully installed
    3 Safari->Help->Installed Plug-ins. I can NOT find acrobat/pdf plugin
    4 Library/Internet Plug-Ins: I CAN find AdobePDFViewer.pugin
    5 Users/My name/LIbrary/Internet Plug-Ins: I CAN ALSO find AdobePDFViewer.pugin
    6 When I open a pdf on my computer, it runs Acrobat 9

    Could anyone please give me some suggestions?

    I also posted this on apple discussion forum, but someone told me I violate NDA. Did I?

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    The Acrobat plug-in doesn't work in Safari when it is running in 64bit mode, if you start Safari in 32bit mode then it will work.

    Adobe have posted an answer here:

    Acrobat PDF Plug-in Does Not Load in Safari 64-bit Web Browser on Mac OS X Snow Leopard (v10.6).

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