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    Question Is there an app to reorder file names?
    Hi, relatively new Mac user here.

    I have lots of e-book files which I would like to have in some semblance of order.
    Does anyone know of an app that could look at a file name and switch the first and last name around?

    ie it will look at a file name called Bob Smith and change it to Smith Bob.
    I have quite a lot of files to tidy up and didn't fancy doing it manually.

    Many thanks for any suggestions or help!
    Have a good weekend.

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    There a quite a few preset AppleScripts available and there are some already in Tiger and Leopard - google them and have a play. Dont forget if they are already in columns you can click on column header to select that one and use it for sorting.

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    I've recently learned to write applescripts, and I would be happy to write you a quick script that would automate that for you. It would provide good practice for me.

    A couple of questions first:

    1. Are all of the files in the same directory?
    2. if so do you wish to process all files in the directory or just certain ones?
    3. Do all the files names follow the same specific format and what is that format? (example: firstName lastName.ext)
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