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    iWeb horizontal drop down menus...
    okay so i am not too familiar with html but i have been trying to teach myself. so far i'm catching on pretty quick. however, i have been trying to incorporate a menu in a website i am attempting to create. here is the link to the menu i'd like to use:

    A List Apart: Articles: Drop-Down Menus, Horizontal Style

    i really like the way its supposed to turn out. but i'm having a little trouble with where the html snippets he's posted go... i can create the list fine but making it look the way its supposed to is another story. and the pop out thing doesn't work whatsoever for me.

    like i said, i am new to html and just need to know how to edit the look of lists basically....(using the code provided on the site i posted of course).

    any help would be GREATLY appreciated. i've been at this a few days now...

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    I use iWeb. My understanding is that you can insert HTML by using an HTML Editor (not iWeb) and FTPing your page up to your web site. But as soon as you edit that page using iWeb, your HTML will be lost. You have to reinsert the HTML every time you edit the page with iWeb. Does that help?

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