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Thread: iTunes library is damaged

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    Aug 11, 2009
    iTunes library is damaged
    Hello everyone,
    Yesterday I had a major problem with iTunes. Okay, so I use Mac 10.3. I realize it's a bit outdated, but money doesn't grow on trees. Anyway, I was sitting here listening to music and browsing the internet when suddenly my computer does what it loves to do - FREEZE. iTunes stopped, and I couldn't do anything. Now, what I always do, that solves the problem, is I shut the computer off and then turn it back on.
    So I did that, and when I tried to re-launch iTunes, instead of the regular loading message it said something like "recovering iTunes library.xml" or something along those lines. I figured maybe this was some sort of update or something it was automatically generating. But, when I stopped it, only about a quarter of my music was in the library and all my playlists were long gone. All of my music files were intact, but the playlists were totally erased. So I went to the iTunes folder, and I now have one file that says "iTunes Library", and two beside it - "iTunes Library (Damaged)", and "iTunes Library (Damaged) 1". All my playlists are long gone, and LUCKILY I did save all of them to my desktop a couple of weeks ago. But unfortunately a couple of those folders are mysteriously empty now. I'm really distraught, because I did nothing out of the ordinary. I now have lost LOTS of my music, and would love it if someone could please tell me if there is some possible way I could restore my iTunes library exactly the way it was before, because I'm very unhappy and sad about this. I'm good with my computer; I back it up regularly. But this was completely unexpected. Please help! I would very much appreciate it.

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    Aug 11, 2009
    Oh, and..
    I forgot to mention, the "iTunes Library (Damaged) 1" seems to be the authentic library file I was just using. If I could somehow repair it, it should be the full library. I wonder if there's some way I could get it to restart that process it was going through of reconstructing the library?

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