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    Aug 05, 2009
    Firefox gesture- swipe down?
    If you don't know, the new Firefox supports Mac gestures. 3 finger swipe can be made to go forward, backward, etc. Read my question, then read on for some explanation.

    - My question: why is browser.gesture.swipe.down apparently different than the others?

    -A little information:
    Open about:config in FF. Search for browser.gesture and the strings will appear that are related to Mac gestures.

    FF comes with 3 finger left and right built in. The default values are Browser:BackorBackDuplicate (for browser.gesture.swipe.left i believe) and Browser:ForwardorForwardDuplicate (for browser.gesture.swipe.right). To make a 3 finger swipe move forward or backward in the history, change the value to simply Browser:Back and Browser:Forward

    -What I tried:
    I created a new string called browser.gesture.swipe.up and made the value Browser:Home, which works beautifully. A 3 finger swipe up will open the home page in the current tab.

    I then made another string, browser.gesture.swipe.down and made the value Browser:CloseTab. This did not work. I examined the other browser.gesture values, saw that some are in the format cmd_lowercasewordUPPERCASEWORD. So i tried cmd_CloseTab and cmd_closeTab as values for my downward swipe. They dont work.

    So, my question. Anybody know why b.g.swipe.down is different?
    The only thing I can think of is that Close Tab (File menu) is two words, while Home, Back, and Forward are all one. But I dont know why it should matter, or how to fix it.

    Help is appreciated : )

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    Aug 05, 2009
    I tried to replace the swipe up value of CloseTab with NewTab, no luck there either.

    Pos issue with two-word cmds?

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    Aug 05, 2009
    The Value Browser:Reload functions. Weird.

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    Aug 05, 2009
    Pretty sure Im not the only person who's having trouble with this

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    Jan 09, 2010
    You need to use (without the quotes) "cmd_close" to close a tab. I personally use it when I pinch in (who really wants to zoom in/out while pinching in Firefox ? I don't like the way FF does it...)

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