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    Question Entourage & Comcast
    I have Entourage programmed to retrieve my Comcast account emails. However, when it does so, the e-mails are automatically deleted from my Comcast mailbox. So, if I try to directly access my comcast account (when I'm not at home and can't open Entourage) I can't read any of the e-mails, because they've all been sent to Entourage.

    Is there any way around this (other then switching from Comcast)?

    Thank you

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    Have you tried searching through the options when logged into your Comcast account through a web broswer? You could also check the Preferences under Entourage, although I think it would be something more on the Comcast end.

    I know when I used Entourage with my Gmail account there was a setting in Gmail that allowed this.

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