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    Unable to import pictures into iPhoto
    To all,

    Hope that you can a fellow novice Mac user with a situation here were I am unable to import photos modified by Photoshop CS4 into iPhoto. Below are the re-created steps that occurred:

    1. Imported photos via iPhoto

    2. Using Photoshop CS4, clicked "Open" and the photos that were imported
    from Step 1 appeared.

    3. Made modifications to selected photos

    4. Created a folder and saved the photos selected from Step 3 using
    Photoshop CS4.

    When we tried importing these photos, I received the error message that these photos are already in the iPhoto library. However, we are unable to find them.

    Unintentionally, it was saved in the iPhoto Library/.../Modified folder but when I tried accessing that path so that I can pull out these photos, the iPhoto application comes up instead.

    Thus, I have a couple of questions:

    1. How did these pictures got unintentionally saved in the iPhoto Library?

    2. How can we put out these photos from iPhoto Library since I am not able
    access the path without bringing up the iPhoto application?

    We are still new to Mac and any assistance that you can provide will be most appreciated.



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    So in (1) you imported photos into iPhoto. In (4) you tried to import them again into iPhoto and got the mesage that they are already there. You were surprised by this???

    OK to be serious. Have you tried this. Having imported the photos into iPhoto go into Preferences, General and Change 'Edit Photo in...' to CS4. When, in iPhoto, you choose to edit, CS4 will open and on closing CS4 the edited photos will be in iPhoto.

    Does this help?
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    Sawday: Yes because it was not our intention to have modified pictures be saved in the iPhoto library after using Photoshop CS4. When the folder was created, we thought that it would be created as a separate folder outside of iPhoto. Did this happen because the previous application used prior to using Photoshop CS4 was iPhoto thus it defaulted to iPhoto Library when I clicked "Open" and "Save" while in Photoshop CS4?

    Your suggestion on changing the application for the "Edit Photo in ..." is good and will make that change. Also, is a way to copy photos in iPhoto to separate folder outside of iPhoto?

    I am just trying to understand how the functionality of how folders are defaulted when an Mac application is opened.



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