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Thread: What dope is MS Word smokin'?

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    Angry What dope is MS Word smokin'?
    I have a Macbook Pro - which I purchased about 6 months ago and is of the recent generation - which is giving me strife.

    There are lots of things about it that are annoying me but generally I can solve problems by switching to my windows partition, sadly though there's one stuff-up that i cannot avoid and that i must fix.

    I have the mac version of Microsoft Word, and it is terrible. On my relatively new mac, word freezes whenever I try to open a word document with pictures in it, it loads for many minutes whenever i try to copy/paste things - especially when those things are pictures, but text is almost as bad - and, essentially, I have to force quit 5 minutes into every session of use.

    It's riddled, apparently, with bugs or scripting stuff-ups and it's driving me up the walls.

    a) What the heck is affecting it?
    b) What is it about mac operating systems that makes things slow down/stuff up - is it my fault? How can I fix it? I've asked many people if there are mac defrag programs and they say no - but none of the fools can tell me what I CAN do.
    c) What can I do to fix it short of sending it halfway across the world for 2 months of repair?

    ps. For the record, I bought my mac in Beijing, China. This may or may not be a problem though since I bought it in an official Mac store for official Mac prices.

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    All Mac's are made in China.

    Do you have the service packs installed on Office? Also I assume it's '08?
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    If you are using Office 2008 make sure you have upgraded to version 12.2.0. Upgrades are available from the Mactopia website.

    Office for Mac - Easy Access to Downloads and Updates | Mactopia

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    Howdy. A couple questions for you:

    How much RAM do you have? The more the better. Speed of programs often relates to the lack of enough RAM.

    Have you repaired permissions since you installed Word or any update of it?

    Are other programs having the same problems? (crashing, slow, etc.)

    Do you have any haxies installed?
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    Word runs great on my Mac since I installed all of the updates. The text used to lag, but that's all but gone with the last 12.2.0 update believe it was.

    Specs are to the left.
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