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    Thumbs up How do you uninstall applications you no longer want?
    I'm a computer dummy and have a mac laptop and would like to uninstall some applications I no longer want. I've tried to type in uninstall but it's not really telling me anything. Plus...where do I find the programs that I'm trying to uninstall. In applications correct?
    Thank you so much for helping me!

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    Drag it to the trash can.

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    All the applications that were installed by a simple drag and drop to your applications folder, do the same - drag and drop them on the trash can.

    Those that came with their own installer, it's best to use it's uninstaller to remove.

    You can also use apps like AppDelete or AppZapper to make sure all the little bits are removed.
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    Thank you. Sometimes I think it should be harder than it actually is. DUH!!!

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