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    Unhappy garage band
    hi ive never used this before so im just putting my question out there to see if someone is willing to help. i recently updated to the latest operating system from tiger. i seem to have lost all the garage band files and loops and everything that lets me use garage band . basically there is no library of sounds or loops. i put everything i had onto an external hard drive and loaded the new operating system using the erase and install option. i know that the new ilife 09 version of garage band does not work on my g4 powerbook because it doesnt have a duel intel processor but i wasnt expecting to lose all the stuff i had . maybe i do still have it somewhere. but i dont know enough to find it and so a have no garage band at all except the icon and the programme but not the content. if anyone has any ideas about what i can do to remedy this id greatly appreciate it.

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    Try doing a software update. On my new mac, I installed iLife 09 and there were no loops ad things with other apps so I had to do a software update.
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