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    Skype or Gizmo5 ?
    Hi, I need some advice about skype and gizmo5.

    I signed up for a skype unlimited account and purchased a skypein number from jet-numbers a couple of days ago. It all works fine apart from the voicemail feature which just does not work. The voicemail does kick in after so many rings but once my welcome msg is over the call ends so nobody can actually leave a msg! I do like skype it looks good, cheap and i can make and receive calls with my unlimited plan but I need the voicemail to work as I use it as my office line. I cannot find any help about my problem anywhere on the net. Skype are rubbish at helping as I never get a reply from them. So I decided to give gizmo5 a try. It's not a pleasing on the eye as skype but it does work. I can only receive calls but thats not so bad, but The voicemail works fine. All msg's are emailed straight to me for me to listen to. The only problem I have with gizmo5 is that When my comp is off or I'm logged out it seems as tho my gizmo5 callin number sometimes doesn't work. Sometimes when I tested it, it would answer with silence for about 15 seconds then the voicemail would kick in. So the caller would not even hear ringing on there line. Other times when you dial my number the caller would just hear a disconnected sound as tho the number does not exist. Thats the only problem I have. I know that skype does not have to running for my people to still call me and leave a msg (or not!) but with gizmo5 I'm not to sure if it has to be running for me to receive any voicemail's. Anybody use any of the 2 and what are your thoughts.


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    Contact Gizmo, they will have best info - they used to be responsive but my info is old as i have not kept up with them, even tho i still get mailouts.

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    Don't do Gizmo
    I had a terrible experience with gizmo. After hours of frustration I finally requested a refund which they ignored. Skype is kind of crappy but better than gizmo for sure.


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    I use CallCentric, with some easy tricks, I built free phone service.
    For details, see Free homemade phone service

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