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    want to automate a ken burns slideshow without editing each pic
    I'm a photographer and looking for a new way to put on a photo slideshow of a wedding onto my website.
    Looks like Imovie would be the perfect application.
    I've got a couple hundred pics though that I want to put on there and I like the Ken Burns effect.
    The layout is pretty straight forward, letting you choose length of transition, fades, and such. I don't have time to do each one though. Usually these thing have an automatic or apply all function or random that renders into the pics.
    Where do I find this function? Can't I just apply ken burns to all? Or is there an automatic setting which just puts on random effects and transitions?

    thanks so much!
    What is the best format and size for a slideshow gallery for the web? Can I get this through Imove?

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    Probably want to do this in iPhoto and not iMovie. >_>"

    Shift+ Click all the Photos that you want in the slide show. Then when you make your slide show you can pick the theme and it will be applied to all of them. You can change the length and transitions under "Settings."

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    thanks for the advice...I might go through iphoto...I'd still rather use imovie for more controll over the entire slideshow; but for the sake of quickness and an automatic slideshow; I'll prob go with iphoto.

    How should I go from Iphoto to webslideshow though? Can I save this slideshow in quicktime, which seems to be the normal web movie format? What size should I make it that would be good for web viewing?

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