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Thread: Word type program for mac?

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    Quote Originally Posted by dtravis7
    Like trpnmonkey41 said, on the older Macs, Panther was quite a bit faster than Jaguar. On my G4-500 it was so noticeble I could not stand to ever go back. Also the Applications improved a lot like Safari and Mail. When I go back to a Mac with Jaguar on it like my old Yikes G4, there are so many improvements I can see, not to mention the speed difference too. Networking also is night and day on Panther over Jaguar, and they continue to improve it in the updates to Panther. It just keeps getting better.

    They are saying that Tiger should also be a bit faster on the older systems, so if you can, wait for it. I know with 10.1 you are hurting right now but it soon will be over!

    yeah! haha, thanks for the support in helping me get through this terrible time.

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    Btw, when is Tiger suppose to be released? I heard it was april, does that still stand today?

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