Hello All,

I typed out a 122 page science document awhile back that had alot of Greek symbols in it (alpha, beta, delta, etc.). I just opened it up and all of the places where the symbols were are now just blank squares to denote that something was once there (or still is and that MS Word just doesn't feel like displaying it...gee, go figure). I came to find this out when I started a new scientific paper today and started trying to "Insert Symbol", only to find that I was getting square boxes instead of the Greek symbols I was entering.

Now, here's a little more confusion...In my Font Book I have over 2,000 fonts, which of course includes the Greek font. I just checked my font drop-down menu to see if maybe Greek wasn't there, and oddly enough, it wasn't...however, if I type "Greek" into the drop-down menu, it accepts it and a quick little dance across the keys proves it's there.

So, why is MS Word suddenly refusing to display all of those Greek symbols I put in the old document, and now refusing to let me "Insert Symbol" in my new document?

Thanks, Jman995x