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Thread: For WoW players

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    For WoW players
    I was just wondering if anyone on this board here is currently playing World of Warcraft. Perhaps post your character name and server... who knows maybe we are playing on the same server and don't know it.

    I'll start it off..

    Siver - Human - Alliance - Medivh Server

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    Feb 23, 2005
    I play on Earthen Ring Alliance and Horde but Im liking alliance more. I play a 20 lvl orc warrior and starting a paladin, wife has a human rogue lvl 10 lol great game installing wow on my ibook right now ! hope it plays descent i know it wont play perfect but descent should be good enough !

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    Feb 27, 2005
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    MacBook C2D 2.4 2GB
    Please let us knowhow it works on the iBook, i just left EQ2 behind since i got my iBook (also my brother took full control of the desktop PC)

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    runs at about 25 fps, though flying sucks at about 12 fps..., apart from that its great just have terrain distance fairly low (I got mine set to a quarter) and you should be fine.

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    Feb 23, 2005
    well I only have 256 ram right now... so ill be upgrading later on, but as of now its sluggish but playable. A good ram upgrade should resolve most of the sluggish stuff.

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    I'm lv 20 Human warrior playing on Terranas server.

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    Arbilac, level 38 Night Elf Druid, playing on the Lightbringer server (US one.. but I'm in the UK).

    Loving it.. shame it's quicker on my PC than my new iMac.

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