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    Can't install OS X from DVD (have CD-Rom only)
    I have an iMac that I want to upgrade to OS 10.3. Unfortunately, I forgot that my iMac has only a CD-Rom player, and I already purchased and opened the DVD version. I would like to try to find a workaround. I tried burning an image file on my Windows XP computer, but Windows couldn't read the DVD. I have an SMB connection set up, so I can download files from the Windows XP computer to the Mac. Does anyone know what the file system type for DVD is, and possibly any software that I can burn an image file with so I can transfer it from the Windows PC?

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    a. try using an external dvd drive.
    b. try connecting your mac to another if possible, boot that mac from the disc also using target disc mode and select your imac as the install location.

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