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    Vitual PC 7 help
    I installed virtual PC on my new imac and I cannot get windows 98 to work correctly. I know people will ask why I am using win 98. Its because its the only licensed version I have!! Anyway, I can't get any of the drivers to load correctly. Windows 98 installs ok, but the display driver won't install correctly from the win98 installation CD. So i'm stuck with this 16bit tiny little screen in which I can't read anything!! Anyone have any suggestions out there? Win 98 in virtual PC is basically useless until I get the display problem (driver) fixed!

    thanks!! :bandage:

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    Nevermind, I see that Vitual PC 7 only supports Windows XP or 2000.

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    i have a question about this product. if i install it and don't like it can i uninstall it? will it permanently screw up my computer?

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