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    Looking for a mac equivilant to Windows Paper Port

    I am looking for a Mac equivalent to Windows Paper Port.

    What makes paper port so important is that I, as a legal owner of my textbooks (I purchased), I have the binding cut off, then I scan them in with paper port.

    With paper port I scan one side with an ADF, paper port then asks, to scan the other side, I flip the material over and it scans them. Paper port then sequentially puts all the pages in the correct numerical order. I can then turn them into my own audio book for studying.

    For the Mac I have tired the trials on PageManger, OmniPage, and Irisscan, they are all OCR's which is good, but it won't allow me to scan the other side. I could do it manually but ti would take me years to scan my books in. I have exams and school work to do.

    Any suggestions from anyone?

    Thanks in advance!!!

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    Apr 02, 2008
    MBP Snow Leopard - Intel Core 2 Duo
    ADF = Auto Document Feeder on a scanner

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