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    On my Mac B&W G3, I run Virtual PC 5 with windows 98. They only reason I do this is because I like playing on-line poker. Anyway it has always been very, very slow. My favorite poker site changed things and now it got so slow I couldn't even play there anymore.

    The thing was - I was still using dial-up for my internet connection. Finally I broke down and upgraded to a cable modem. But still Windows runs very very slow. It didn't help it at all. I'm thinking that there is something not set right.

    Does anyone know how to configure VPC with windows to get good performance from the internet?


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    well, VPC isnt really quick on a mac to start with, i have a Powermac G4 and an Imac g4 800 and both run vpc at underbareable standards. Its the CPU, not your connection.

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    Thanks but I'm not so sure about that. I installed VPC4 with the same windows98 in OS9 and that seems to run a lot better that VPC5 on OSX with the same machine.

    The thing that makes me question it is it ran just a little slower than my mac when I was on dial-up so I assumed, while I didn't expect the lightening fast internet I have now on the Mac side, there would be some sort of impovement, which there is not. (until I installed VPC on OS9)

    It may be that I installed it after changing my internet hookup. I might try reinstalling VPC5 tonight. (I did notice windows had different settings this time) I wonder if it looks for your internet connection when you install?

    ****, what do I know about freakin' windows! As much as I want to know, which is about nothing. The few moments a spend on it is enough to kiss and hug my mac!

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    I installed VPC 7 on my 1.4 mini with 1gb ram, Windows XP ran horribly. I think the fact that you are trying to emulate an entire os is what kills the pc.

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    Like I said, I run ok on OS9

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