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    Mar 11, 2009
    Weird problems with mac virus or coincidence?
    Sometimes weird things happen when I am on my mac.

    For example, when I am playing Diablo 2, it suddenty freezes and quits and tells me that the app needs to be relaunched.


    Recently, I had problems with my trash can. When I right click to empty it froze and I would have to "ctr-alt-delete" it to get it to unfreeze. The dock would just freeze in place and I couldn't click on anything.

    At first I was afraid it was a virus, but then i read some of the threads and forums and I sort of convinced myself that it cant be since macs simply dont "get viruses"

    But why would my trash can freeze randomly? I dunno. do you have any answers?


    the trash doesn't freeze on me used to.

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    Not a virus. There are none for mac.
    Chris K.

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    So what OS do u have and when did u do our last update? Difficult to give suggestions without knowing what you have done recently and if the same issue was around pre your last update.

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    Mar 11, 2009
    running 10.5.6 and I had it at this patch for at least a month. the freezing thing happened last week

    and I think that saying that macs cant get viruses is...well...stupid.

    Anything can get a virus, they arent virus proof.

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