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    Geektool script forces mail to stay open
    I am running a script in geektool to display my current number of unread mail messages on my desktop. I found this script on a website somewhere:

    echo 'tell application "Mail" to return unread count of mailboxes of accounts' | osascript | perl -e "@a=split ',',<STDIN>; foreach (@a) {\$n += \$_}; print \"\$n\n\";"

    The problem is that every time it updates it forces mail to open, which is causing problems when shutting down, and also sometimes i just dont want mail to be open.

    Is there a way to modify this script so that it checks to see if mail is already open, and if it isnt end the script?
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    well, i'm not sure about editing it, but here's a script I made:
    tell application "System Events" to set iCalIsRunning to (name of processes) contains "Mail"
    set finalText to ""
    if iCalIsRunning then
    	tell application "Mail"
    		set unreadCount to unread count of inbox
    		if (unreadCount is greater than or equal to 1) then
    			return (unreadCount as string) & " new messages"
    			set finalText to "No new Mail"
    		end if
    	end tell
    	set finalText to "Mail not open"
    end if
    Hope this helps!

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