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    Safari unexpectedly quits
    Sometimes while surfin Safari quits and a pop up box comes up asking if i want to submit bug report to Apple.

    Anyway i've repaired permissions, reset Safari and it safari quit again on CERTAIN pages... is there a fix for this? Not sure what to do.

    Can the crash report tell me anything? It seems like its only on certain webpages. Thanks.

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    have you tried these webpages in any other browsers?

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    Safari prefers boat loads of free memory. if you request too much for "wired" or active memory from Safari, it will have malloc(memory allocation) errors, resulting in a crash.

    not necessarily the case here, but a typical culprit.

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    once in a great while I have had Safari do that. It RARELY happens so it does not really bother me as you just open it again and continue. Had Firefox do it on both the Mac and Windows before also.

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    I had Safari doing that a couple months ago...I believe all I had to do was trash the preferences and it worked fine again. Might be something to try if the malloc doesn't fix it.

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    no have not tried these webpages in other browsers, but it seems to only happen to certain pages that have lots of animation and sound that run while you are viewing the page (usually dumb ads).

    What prefs would i trash? How do I fix malloc?

    [edit] i should also explain that when i tried the same webpage on my iBook safari crashed on there as well so i know its not the computer as both the iMac and iBook crashed...

    Can the crash report tell me anything? I look at it and its just a bunch of stuff I don't understand.

    Like under "Exception" it says: EXC_BAD_ACCESS (0x0001) under "Codes" it says: KERN_INVALID_ADDRESS (0x0001) at 0x30a77954

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