Ok well the problem started with Excel 2008 using a spreadsheet for our camera club membership, when you format the cells for Date, Currency, ect... it only stays formatted for that time that you are using the program. If you close the program and go back into it you have to reformat the cells again it doesn't stay even with saving the file, so I reinstalled the old version of Office 2004 and I dont have that problem but now the problem is that in Entourage 2004 I cant use my Sprint data card and receive or send email because it says there is no connection or it cannot connect, But Safari does open and I am connected. I did a google search and found alot of people having the same problem but no fixes and the dates were back in 2004 - 2006 Postings.
Any advice would be greatly appreciated I hate to have both Office programs in my laptop taking up space if I dont have to.