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    Migrating info from one Mac to another
    Ok, so my Grandparents (yes I said grandparents) decided they would like to have a Mac Mini since it's so small and they can take it with them when they travel during the summers. My aunt is going to buy a new Mac Mini and is giving her old one to them. She is going to have me copy all of her stuff over to the new one when she gets it, so I can customize the old one for my grandparents.

    My question is what would be the best way to go about this? I have purchased SuperDuper for myself, should I use my external firewire drive to create a bootable backup of her old computer, and then put it on the new one? Or, should I just reinstall Office on the new one and migrate all her email and THOUSANDS of photos over myself?

    She will also back up her old mini on her external drive with Time Machine just in case something goes wrong when I'm in the process.

    I think SuperDuper would be the easiest method, however I have never actually restored a computer with the bootable backup, and didn't know how well it would run since she would be going from a 160GB drive to a bigger 320GB, would that matter?

    Thanks for the help!

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    Don't use a cloned image on a different computer. If the two computers have different hardware, then the OS will be configured wrong. Worst case scenario... you fry something when it uses a driver intended for a different device.

    Just use the Migration Assistant.

    Please verify and include the exact model/year of your Mac and OS X version number (available from "About This Mac", then "More Info" on the Apple menu).
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    NOTE: Not a hardware issue. Moved to software forum.
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    Migration assistant worked for me with one of my broken Macbook projects. NEVER mess with the OS, you'll just fry something.

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    Ok, thanks guys. I appreciate it!

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