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Thread: Having trouble viewing this website

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    Having trouble viewing this website
    Hi guys,

    I have been trying to view this website Ready Steady Bid : : Online Bidding Auction : LCD TV, Nintendo Wii, iPod, Concert Tickets, DSi, Xbox 360, PS3 and for some reason the timers do not count down properly.

    I have contacted the company and they say there is no problems from there end and I have checked on my mates computer and it works fine, but it just won't work on mine.

    I have a Macbook and use a Belkin Mimo wireless router on a 10MB connection.

    Any ideas anyone?

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    NOTE: Nothing to do with Notebook hardware. Moved to software forum.
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    For me setting up a Location and adding DNS numbers to Network helped with the odd page that did not load. When Location is set to automatic it seems to work but not as reliably with some ISPs unless a location is set up with that ISPs settings viz DNS settings. Even now when i go to Sis in Laws place where i have a location set for her ISPs settings i forget i have not changed to her location and are reminded when i cannot get into a site i use frequently.

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