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    Question Updating Excel document over a network?
    How do I get the data in an Excel document to be updated on 2 other macs on the same wireless network, when I have updated it on my mac?

    For example: if all 3 macs have the same Excel document, when I make a change to the Excel document on my mac, what can be done so that when the other users open their Excel document, they see the updated version that I have just changed?

    (Excel is the one from Microsoft Office X.)


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    Easiest way is to e-mail them the updated file.
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    System Preferences>Sharing.

    Share a folder on the network where you will store the file, make sure you have user permissions setup so that you have to enter a password to access that folder on the network, of course, then just open that document from the network share and everyone on your network can view/edit/save.

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    I am running Tiger, so how would I create a shared folder and would it be possible to create an alias for the file in the shared folder that could be placed on the desktop?

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