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    Question Internet Usage Tracking
    I know there are MANY programs that track the total internet usage per day, but not a single one that I've found can tell me what programs are using the internet, and when, and how much that individual program uses, both up and down. Even if I am not home, my daily usage can exceed 3GB. I have set "Check for Mail" to manual, turned off my AlbumArtThingy, and I limit my YouTube usage. I download a movie maybe once every month, and about 20 songs in a month's time, yet my usage still soars. Anyone know of a program that can help me out?


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    Would this help you out? I'm at work so I can't test it but looks promising.

    The Mac Security Blog Post Topic Keep Track of your Internet Usage with NetBarrier X5

    3GB a day is huge. Someone using your mac as storage? Are you on wireless? If you are you may want to try hardwired for a day to see if it's still that high.

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