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    Password Reset Requests from various sites
    Hey guys,

    Lately I've been annoyed by getting these email's in my inbox. For months now, occasionally an mail comes in saying to reset my Apple password. I know how these things work and from the first time, I knew it was an intruder trying to reset my accounts password. So, I let it be and left it.

    From then, I got an email almost every week request to click the link to reset my Apple password. What made me start this thread is that now, I'm getting requests like these from Google and other sites, my username is registered too, as well asking me to reset my password.

    For the record, I've got emails from Apple 22 times. I know for sure it's somebody trying there luck to get my password. I'm just asking if there are any suggestions for this situation.
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    Well, I hope you do not click on any of those links and you either just delete them and/or report them as spam to your ISP.

    Don't believe I've ever seen a legitimate e-mail requesting a password reset.
    75-80% of the ones I get are with companies/sites that I do not even have accounts with.
    They're all bogus.
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