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    Yahoo Webcam screenshots - NO!!!! not the desktop
    How does one change the directory that Yahoo IM web cam saves it's screenshots to Command-Alt-S on Mac?

    I've been looking everywhere online and cannot find how to change the directory that my Yahoo IM web cam saves it's screenshots to. I've changed it in VLC under video no problem. "Deeper" didn't help either. I even went to change it under Terminal using the following:

    defaults write location

    It works but not for the yahoo IM. I would really like to change the location where yahoo IM saves the screenshots because it slows down my MAC. I hope I haven't overlooked the answer somewhere. A Thank-You to everyone that helps with my question.


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    Not sure how to change Yahoo's default, but you can get around it taking a screen shot of just the webcam window.

    Command + Shift + 4, then hit space bar and click on the webcam window.

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    Thanks Miles, but that combination makes it hard to do often I tried that one already, but thanks for the reply/help.

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    Unless yahoo offer a preference (perhaps via a hidden defaults write like you used to change the OS X screenshot location), I'm afraid you're out of luck.

    One other option would be to create an automator script to automatically "clean up" your desktop and move all files created by Yahoo chat to a designated folder.

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    I really do not see why Command + Shift + 4 then spacebar is so hard for some. I do it daily and it's 2nd nature to me. Works GREAT also.

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