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    Can I control My other computer remotely?
    Is it possible for me to access/control my P.O.S. PC I've left with my wife in Japan with my Mac (OS X panther) to grab files I need, and to perform basic maintenance for her while I'm stuck here in the US?

    I even have an old PC laptop sitting around I could use if I must. I really want the Palm backup files I have there and the pictures.

    I'm new to macs. I don't have a ton of knowledge about computers but I am willing and able to learn. And I can follow direction like no other. (USMC thing)


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    Thats about the only way
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    About the only way? How about that about?

    3 bills!!! My god. I'm not trying to run the Pentagon! So there's not another way?

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    VNC and TightVNC are also options. You could access the client from Chicken of the VNC or one of the other VNC clients. VNC does not have file transfer last time I checked. I either used SFTP or mailed the files to myself.

    PC Anywhere is also an option nd probably the better one for you. I do not know if there is a Mac Client for it though.

    For any remote app just be aware of the security risks as you implement your choice.

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    If your PC is running windows XP you can use the Remote Dektop Client for Mac from MS. Free of charge.

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    i used to use KDX

    i also use SSH from PC > Mac. but you can install Cygwin on the PC and SSH from the Terminal.

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    Chicken of the VNC

    Funny name, cool piece of software.

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    Hey guys... I've been trying and trying to read up on this very subject, but haven't been able to get the whole picture. Could someone give me a step-by-step tutorial on using either Remote Desktop Client or Chicken of the VNC?

    I live in CA and have a G5 iMac. My mother lives in D.C. and has a PC running WinXP Pro behind a Linksys Wireless router. I've tried countless times to access her computer via RDC, but it never connects. I've made sure that her remote desktop sharing is enabled on her end, but the instructions for the Mac Remote Desktop Client never says whether or not I have to download and run any software on my PC.

    And how do obtain the actual IP address of the computer if it's behind a router? If I ask her to go to the command prompt and run ipconfig, if I remember correctly, it's always something generic like

    So I guess my questions are:

    1. If I'm running Remote Desktop Client on my Mac and want to connect to a Windows XP PC, does the PC need to be running a program at the same time? Or do I just enter the IP address, press connect, and it somehow magically connects?
    2. How do I find the true unique IP address for the PC if it's behind a router?
    3. Is Chicken of the VNC easier? And if so, is there something that needs to be installed on my mom's PC?

    Any help would be appreciated guys.

    Thanks in advance!

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    Your mother is behind a NAT so the wirless router needs to be set to forward whatever ports RDC runs on to her machine. Your mother should also be able to tell what the routable address is from the admin screen of the router.

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