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    Angry Web browser nitpick list...
    Ever have nitpicks about your favourite browsers? Here's mine...
    (keep in mind, I'm on a PC at the moment. The Mac versions may differ?) :mac:

    Firefox: icons for a specific link are used by the wrong URLs. Can't turn off the bookmark toolbar. can't delete history of Yahoo searches, only the history of the Google Toolbar searches.

    IE: slow slow slow

    Netscape: Clunky. I hate it. Everything about it. Except for the fact that its faster at FINDING pages. I never have to wait a millenium for it to tell me that a page can't be found, it tells me straight away.

    Any nit picks of your own? ^^

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    I liked IE on wintel PC when it was in its day. As many of us know, things have changed in the windows environment. My switch to Linux was ok. My second switch to Mac after trying OS X has been just a delight, to wit, there are no nitpicks I can complain about with Safari in OS X

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