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    Can you download your e-mail onto two macs using entourage?
    Just bought a new iBook and already have an iMac - both running on 10.3.8 using Office vX- Is it possible to view my mail on both using entourage or should I just view it online on the iBook? I use a dot mac account...



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    Well, I view all my mail online, because it is difficult to keep switching back and forth between computers that hold different emails that I need to reread. So if my mail is online, it won't matter what computer I'm on. This is something to keep in mind, if you have more than one computer.

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    Yes you can. In the account settings/options there will be an option in Entourage that says "Leave a copy of the messages on the server", check the box next to it and you'll be able to get the message on each computer that accesses that email account until you mark it for deletion from the server.
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