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    Best Mac accounting software
    Anybody have a suggestion for the best mac friendly small business accounting software? I am currently using quickbooks pro and I am not impressed with the performance on my mac. Works much better on a PC. Is there anything out there better??? HELP!

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    are you in Canada or the US???

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    Take a look at these 3 Options
    I googled mac accounting canada - Google Search

    and got these

    1 Goldenseal Accounting Software

    Goldenseal is full-featured small business accounting software for Macintosh and Windows computers. It helps you to manage all aspects of your business.

    Goldenseal is very good at cost accounting — keeping track of expenses for each project or business activity. That makes it one of the best business accounting programs for construction companies, service businesses, professionals and anyone else that needs to do time billing for labor and services, or control expenses carefully. If you give cost estimates, Goldenseal's job costing reports will show you "estimated vs actual" costs.

    Goldenseal is an integrated accounting system. You only need to enter transactions once — Goldenseal then uses them for many different things. For example, when you enter a materials purchase, it automatically posts to accounts payable, job costs and time and materials billing. It also increases your inventory, and updates your estimating unit costs and assemblies.


    To see a quick "snapshot" of current job costs, choose Job Costs from the Costs menu. You can double-click on any project to see a detailed breakdown of costs.


    Goldenseal handles the many complications of US and Canadian payroll, including multiple wage rates, multiple tax packages, and worker's comp rates that are based on the type of work done by the employee.



    You may wish to assign your book keeper to study the capabilities of this software, even if it is not the one you may choose, because it may give you some ideas of what you would like to do and then find a way to do it with the software package that you would choose.

    Money Works

    if you are in Canada, you may want to call up the guys at Mac and Windows Accounting Software for Canada

    They use — and sell —MoneyWorks. They're in North Vancouver and the website looks like they are a small enough company to be friendly!

    Here's their description:
    After Intuit Canada killed off the Canadian MYOB version for Macintosh, we searched high and low for a stable and reliable accounting application. MoneyWorks by Cognito offers both a Mac and Windows version of their Canadian accounting software. We personally use this application and we know that if you're a Mac user, you'd love it too.

    "The MoneyWorks family of accounting software provides a range of feature rich but easy-to-use solutions for small-to-medium organisations. Whether you operate from home or have several hundred staff, there is a MoneyWorks solution for you. MoneyWorks is the accounting software that can do the things the others can't: from simple things like making your valuable transaction data easily accessible, through to the more powerful, such as being able to prepare complex three-dimensional weighted cross-tabulations on your sales data—it’s all about getting information to improve management decision making. MoneyWorks is robust, fast, and scalable yet simple and user-friendly, with an excellent audit trail and superior reporting capabilities."

    Carbon Copy Laser Cartridges - North Vancouver, BC

    Mac and Windows Accounting Software for Canada

    Boutique Mac

    It looks like these guys might also be fans of MoneyWorks since it is listed as one of their featured brands. They are based out of Nanaimo BC. Note: They're "sale" prices are still not cheaper than the above vendor, Carbon Copy.

    Boutique Mac - Featured Brands - Cognito Software


    Check out the reviews from Apple's website. You may wish to have your accountant read these.

    MoneyWorks Gold - Apple Store (Canada)
    MoneyWorks Gold - Apple Store (Canada)

    Finally a real accounting program
    Written by SF from SAN ANTONIO

    I run a $5 million company with 6 locations and had reached the point where I couldn't go any further with MYOB. This was in 2004. I searched the web for a replacement and finally found Moneyworks. I switched that year. One of the best decisions I've ever made. The program is a powerhouse in a way that MYOB and Quickbooks are not. My favorite feature is the ability to make each of my centers a department (sub-ledger) and see their P&L and balance sheet within the overall company. But that is just the start. It has incredible power. So good my wife's medical practice started using it. Comes from New Zealand but Grant and company are incredibly responsive and helpful. Hands down 5 stars.

    Good accounting for the Mac
    Written by FA

    Finally an accounting package that does what it's supposed to .... REAL accounting. After getting frustrated with the other accounting packages out there, my research led me to MoneyWorks. The features that gold has compliments my existing business, especially the job costing and cost centre accounting. The speed over our network is a relief in itself, as all 4 users are able to enter data continuously without any "spinning wheel" syndrome associated with other applications. With no annual version upgrades, customer support plans, simply free email support, the inital cost has proven to be worthwhile. It's functionality as an accounting package is far superior, and as I am my own bookkeeper, quite easy to use. The fact that there is finally an accounting package on a Mac in Canada that handles the various taxes, provides excellent accounting, and has great support, sure puts my old PC in the corner to it's long over-due "retirement" state.

    Clarity Accounting

    It looks like there is a Mac-based software developer based out of North Vancouver. Too small? This Mac Accounting Software | Clarity Accounting Blog might answer that concern.

    The advantage to having a web-based accounting package is that you can keep your eye on specific financial information just b surfing on your iPhone. Your accountant should be able to design reports that you will want to check up on a daily, weekly or monthly basis.

    Here are some key excerpts from

    Mac Accounting Software | Clarity Accounting Blog

    SaaS is exciting because it is built upon a platform (the web) that allows it to innovate in ways that could not have been done before highspeed Internet. The idea of creating a business accounting software is not new, accounting software was available back in the DOS era. However the SaaS accounting landscape is giving Inuit a run for their money (billions in fact) because of the shear amount of innovation that is happening out there. People now have high expectations for usability when it comes to web applications. This is why I think QuickBooks Online has not captured millions of users — its web interface is exactly the same as their desktop interface. I admit if I was one of the top execs in Intuit, I would hesitate to change the UI design because millions of business owners and accounting professionals are already used to the ‘old’ design. Changing their UI could possibly alienate millions of people who are already using QuickBooks. This is where the opportunity is for the online accounting software providers, they can really innovate and serve an audience that have high expectations on usability and design (people usually 45 years of age or younger).

    For those of you who are not familiar with FreshBooks, since 2004, FreshBooks has helped thousands of small business look professional at the time it matters most: when asking clients for money. Use FreshBooks to send professional-looking invoices by email or through the post at a click of a button, and then collect payment online by credit card or PayPal. Keep your billables organized in FreshBooks by tracking your time and expenses as well as automating late payment notifications and recurring invoices. Your clients will be impressed when they log in over the Web to see their invoices and complete account statements in your branded FreshBooks account.

    Using FreshBooks will allow Clarity Accounting users to allow their staff to enter income and expenses into FreshBooks without exposing sensitive financial reports that are available inside Clarity Accounting.


    Based on the following blog they may be able to point you in a better direction.

    5 reasons to love your competitors

    5 reasons to love your competitors
    Are you hurting your business by hating your “competitors” ?

    #3. They might love you back

    Hey we all need a little love and support now and then. I know when a potential customer needs to be sent elsewhere, and how I feel about our alternatives is the main determining factor. If I know someone serves customers well and has a positive attitude, I have no qualms sending customers their way if they need something our service lacks. I’ve previously suggested Xero, FreshBooks, KashFlow, IAC-EZ,, Saasu, and evenQuicken Online to people on Twitter who were looking for specific features we just don’t have right now. And, from time to time we’ve had return referrals from them too, usually for people looking for Canadian accounting software or multi-currency accounting software.

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    Thanks for the plug little boot (I'm the owner of Carbon Copy Laser).

    I tried out Quickbooks (Canadian version) but it was so unstable that I decided to give it up after about a week of use. I also tried just about every other Mac accounting software but very few actually worked for Canadian taxes.

    After using MoneyWorks Express for about a year and a half, I am quite pleased with the performance. It's very stable (even on an old eMac), easy to figure out if you have basic bookkeeping skills. It comes with a printed user guide ! The search and filter functions are very powerful and GST is a doddle.

    The only thing about MoneyWork that doesn't make my tires squeal is the GUI which could do with a bit of a facelift - it looks a bit like something from the old OS9 days but is easily overlooked.

    Rumours have been going around that MYOB Australia bought out MYOB USA and that a Canadian version is in the pipeline. If this is true and you're actually interested in Canadian software, I'd try and hang on until then to compare the two. Unfortunately not everyone has the luxury of being able to wait for the perfect application to show up...

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    Accounting ERP and CRM systme for MAC
    I'll recomend to use HansaWorld like best accounting, ERP and CRM solution for MAC

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    Does anyone know if Peachtree accounting works on the Mac? We currently use it on our PC at work but we're considering getting rid of the PC because it seems glitchy. Gemini computers sells peachtree but their site doesn't mention a Mac version. I'm just wondering if anyone here has a Mac version and if so, does it work well?

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