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    Games recommendations.
    I'll start the ball rolling with a weird one:

    In Memoriam - PC/Mac, works under Classic. I've only had this one day and I quite like it, I picked it up for a fiver (I dunno what the current exchange rate is but that's probably about 10 USD) from a second hand PC games mart.

    It's a refreshingly different game and is a good test of your internet skills, especially if you don't use the walk-thoughs on the web. This game is definitely an adults only game though.

    Recently I also purchased very cheaply new copies of some old games from way back last century that work well under classic, Crusader and Vikings. Both are from France Telecom Multimedia and are Macromedia games. A bit basic by todays standards but would suit schoolchildren and adults who want to learn about history in a reasonably fun way.

    Another recently bought game that is a hit in our house and a little more mainstream is Warcraft Battle chest. This works fine on my Mini and with the Battlechest version you get the Frozen Throne Expansion set. (be warned though that there is a dodgy batch going around that do not have the Mac installation files on the WC III disc, I had to email the supplier and get them to send me a replacement disc which they did without much hassle, the supplier is Vivendi btw)


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