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    hi. i was just looking around on apples site and found a download for a complete gui package, Xidg-albook i beleive. i just dont have money to pay for it though. are there any free ones that are like it. or even anything else that will make my ibook cool? thanks a ton. peace.

    I really meant to say that this program and most others i see need shapeshifter which costs money. is there something else i can use instead of shapeshifter?

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    i have heard of nothing else...

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    Right now it seems that Shapeshifter is the only program that easily accepts the GUIkits. It is a wonderful and worthy program. I purchased the first day I tried it. It makes changing the look of your Mac so easy, a simple pref pane and point and click and your done.

    If you haven't already, at least use the trial version of Shapeshifter so that you can see what all it does.
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    I agree, for the cost of the program, it's more than worth it.
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    Their is also ThemeChanger that is free and you can download themes for it from They are dlta themes. Here is a link for theme changer:

    I dislike Shapeshifter because they are living off the tireless work from GUI designers who spend hours making themes and then releasing them for free. The only people that are making money are the makers of shapeshifter the people who designed the themes don't get anything and lets face it what's the point in a Shapeshifter without themes.

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