I'm trying to find a way to automate a backup of Entourage Identities.

We have largely windows PC's on our network (unfortunately) and MS provides a tool that automatically creates a backup of the Outlook .PST file when it Outlook closes. The backup file is then backed up by the server through the network.

Am trying to do the same thing with our macs. Have tried copying the identities folder while Entourage is open but certain files are locked, the same as with Outlook on windows.

I would ideally like some solution that would do the same as on PC (create a backup when Entourage closes) rather than having to rely on the user closing Entourage first or manually performing the backup.

I have also considered writing a shell script to copy the folder at startup, however with two of our Mac's being iBooks I can't guarantee that they will be run daily if the user simply suspends rather than shutting down.

Any ideas???