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Macman 02-22-2005 04:39 PM

firefox problems...
it seems like a new one rears its ugly head every day. heres the new one. anytime, on any forum, or any site where you can upload images or files, when I click the button to do so, firefox gives me the beach ball for a few seconds, then quits.
and I get an error that says it unexpectedly quit. it happens every time, so I cant post any images, or anything in firefox. so Im back to safari. I've repaired permissions, emptied firefox's cache, deleted its preferences, and still nothing.

iWhat 02-22-2005 05:21 PM

I never had that problem before. Sorry, I'm puzzled over that one. I guess Firefox isn't for everybody.

Murlyn 02-23-2005 10:44 AM

I was having those problems hmm.. many many months ago. I completely wiped Firefox, all preferences, everything that had to do with Firefox, then reinstalled and havent had any problems since. I think it was stuff left over from old versions of Firefox..

Macman 02-23-2005 06:03 PM

but Ive always been on version 1.0 since I installed it. and its finally how I want it after much tuning.

Murlyn 02-23-2005 06:28 PM

Yeah I did an export, and made sure I had backups of things and did a bunch of reading and so forth and figured out exactly what to keep or what I could remake and so forth.. took me awhile, but now I can use firefox without any problems.. so it was either that or have problems with it ;(

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